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At Baxter our artisan single vineyard wines are handcrafted naturally using traditional old-world techniques.  From grape to bottle, each small lot is cared for by two generations of the Baxter family - Phil Junior and Senior - with over 50 years of experience between them.  The wines are never rushed, but left to move as nature intended into different stages of their production.  During harvest, the father and son team allow the fruit to undergo a natural fermentation to maximize the nuances of each vineyard and vintage.  They personally punch down by hand twice daily and use a basket press to  gently extract the juices.  Winemaker Phil Jr ages the wines in neutral French oak barrels to to gain the greatest expression of ‘terroir’ and purity of fruit in the finished wines.  All Baxter wines are aged until they reach peak expression, when they are bottled unfined and unfiltered.  Highly skilled winemaking and the abundance of rich local ‘terroir’ combine to produce elegant, well structured and noteworthy wines.  We hope you enjoy.  Click here to read reviews and accolades.  

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