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2003     Rouge     Mendocino

2008     Rosé     Mendocino

The 2008 Pipo Rosé is a wonderful example of the traditional style of blush wines from Southern France and Italy.  Our grapes are crushed and left to macerate for a few hours before being gently pressed, releasing the juice and flavors from the skins.  Once the juice is settled, it is placed into Neutral French barrels to undergo a slow fermentation over the winter.  As the weather warms, the native yeast awaken to finish the natural process.  The wine is then in its prime to blended and bottled revealing a refreshing spring treat.  This natural fermentation process over the cold winter months allows for a youthful and vibrant wine brimming with the complexities of each micro-fermentation.  Wild strawberry and plum blossom dominate the nose while bright acidity brings to mind passion fruit and raspberry.  Crisp, elegant, and wonderfully balanced, this wine is perfect for a pic-nic in the sun, yet sophisticated enough for your daughters wedding.

The 2003 Pipo is a Mendocino County red wine inspired by the classic wines of the Southern Rhone Valley.  The fruit comes from five different vineyards, which range in age from 65 years old for the Petite Syrah and Carignan to 25-30 years old for the Grenache and Zinfandel.  Each lot of wine was fermented whole berry by native yeast and punched down by hand, before being gently pressed in a small basket press.  After settling, the wine was placed into 18 neutral French oak barrels where it matured slowly over the next three years.  The resultant wine is both alive with the vibrant cherry and strawberry for which Carignan and Grenache are known, as well as soft and structured from an extended aging.  Designed for food, this wine is earthy and intense, showing spice, forest floor, cherry, and tobacco; while retaining a bright acidity and delicate mouthfeel.  “Old World” in style, Pipo is a complex, intense, and balanced wine, perfect for any meal.

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Pipo is a wonderfully fun, yet surprisingly complex Bistro wine. This label is also produced by Phil Baxter Jr and represents excellent value and quality. It is modeled on a Mediterranean style with joie-de vivre at heart.