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BAXTER     2007     ‘Run Dog Vineyard’     Anderson Valley

The Oppenlander Vineyard is rapidly becoming one of the most celebrated Pinot Noir vineyards in Mendocino County.  Located near the town of Comptche, the vineyard sits at the base of the mountains surrounding the small and
picturesque Surprise Valley, only ten miles from the Pacific Ocean.  Planted on its own roots, the vines seamlessly uptake nutrients to provide a perfect balance of varietal intensity and finesse in the resulting grapes.  The slightly cooler climate helps this vineyard produce a wine with an intense backbone and a vivid color, without overpowering the delicate aromas and smooth mouthfeel desirable in a Pinot Noir.  We use a mix of clones to produce this wine, focusing on Pommard, 667, and a little 115.  This combination of different expressions helps us to achieve exactly what we want out of an intense and focused Pinot Noir.  The resulting wine is full of dark red fruits such as cranberry and black cherry, while the nose starts with the usual bramble and quickly gives way to black tea and rose petal.  Rich in acids, and focused fruit, this wine is best when enjoyed with food over an evening.  Expressive now, our 2007 Oppenlander is definitely a Vin de Garde and will reward after cellaring.                                                                  300 cases produced.

BAXTER     2007     ‘Oppenlander Vineyard’     Mendocino       

This small vineyard sits on the northwestern edge of Boonville, nestled up against the cool western hills.  As the vines creep up the gentle slope they take full advantage of the cool morning and warm midday
sun, before becoming shaded by the trees and avoiding the harsh afternoon heat.  This allows these grapes to ripen slowly and avoid the sunburn and rapid ripening common during the late summer heat spikes. The Run Dog Vineyard is just less than one acre of vines, and the tonnage fluctuates between .9 tons per acre and 2.4.  These naturally low yields bring us the ideal grapes with which to make an elegant and brooding style of Pinot Noir, for which the Anderson Valley is known.

The Pommard clone is one that exhibits wonderful diversity in both flavor and aroma.  Exotic violets and rose petal bring remembrance of its French birthplace, while powerful flavors of plum, black cherry, and mineral earth reflect the intensity that sets this clone apart from the rest. Vibrant acidity and supple structure balance assuring that the Run Dog Vineyard is the perfect compliment of elegance and vivid varietal character.                                                                         75 cases produced.


BAXTER     2007     ‘Toulouse Vineyard’     Anderson Valley

Perched on a south west facing slope in the middle of the Anderson Valley near Philo, the Toulouse Vineyard has been turning out exquisite grapes since its first vintage in 2002.  The vineyard is planted to four clones, of which three are used to create
our version of a Toulouse Vineyard Pinot Noir.  The vineyard is situated below the fog line, yet high enough to emerge early into the gentle morning sun, providing the perfect balance of rich flavors and gentle finesse.  Meticulously managed by the owner, this vineyard is a consistent producer and is typically the lightest and most floral Pinot Noir we produce. 

Together with 115 and 667, we use Swiss clone Wadenswil 2A to add some delicate floral notes to the wine.  The 115 makes up half of the wine and provides the backbone with firm tannins and spice leading the fruit.  The 667 brings the complexity with black tea and berry, providing a lingering finish and round mouthfeel.  We finish with the 2A bringing a racing acidity and soft red fruit to the table.  The results are a rich full bodied wine with great clean acidity and a strawberry and herb profile.  The explosive rose petal and violet nose balances perfectly with the body of the wine making this one of our most popular and delicate Pinots.                                                                     250 cases produced.


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